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June 13, 2018 - By Connie Southard
Investor Alert, Scamming, Frauds aimed at Senior Citizens...

The seventy-third session of the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature met in Chapel Hill Tuesday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 13. Seventy-One Delegates, 36 Alternates and 25 Guests were present for the 1 PM Call to Order by Speaker Rev. J. Dwight Cartner. The Session continued with a moment of silence in memory of deceased Delegates and Alternates. This was followed by the Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, Announcements, Determination of Quorum, Approval of Minutes, Agenda Review and Introduction of Guests.

John Moran, Director of Investor Protection and Education Services Program spoke to the Session, giving beneficial data, contact info and a packet prepared by the Department of the Secretary of State. He included information on Investor Alert, Scamming, Frauds aimed at Senior Citizens, Ponzi Schemes, Unsuitable Investments and the Advance Health Care Directive Registry.

Bill Mueller, Delegate and Chair of the Resolutions Committee, addressed the session with information about the duties for the six issue committees. The committees are: Long Term Care, chaired by Rev. Howard Whitehurst; General Legislation, chaired by Kaye White; Health, chaired by Linda Blake; Enrichment Opportunities, chaired by Dr. Earlena Lowry; Crime/Safety/Security, chaired by Rosalyn Pettyford and Service Access chaired by Charles Jefferson. Almost 50 resolutions were distributed to the various committees with the duty of prioritizing the top three resolutions in each committee for a total of 18 resolutions. These 18 resolutions will be narrowed down to five priorities at the October meeting and will constitute the legislative agenda for the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature for 2019.

Mary Edwards, with the Division of Aging and Adult Services, gave a legislative update concerning bills she is tracking for the NCSTHL. She confirmed that the Governor’s veto of the Budget had been overridden by both the House and the Senate.

Wednesday’s Session Call to Order count was sixty-one Delegates, twenty-two Alternates and ten guests. The Standing Committees met in the morning. The Standing Committees are: Advocacy Committee, chaired by Dr. Althea Taylor-Jones; Public Relations Committee, chaired by Connie Southard; Resolutions Committee, chaired by Bill Mueller; Elections and Credentials Committee, chaired by Robert Allen and Rules and Bylaws Committee, chaired by Sue Jane Sides. The Issues Committees met again on Wednesday to finalize their recommendations on the three resolutions pending from Tuesday’s committee meetings.

Wednesday’s session concluded with a report from Kaye White, President of Friends of the Senior Tar Heel Legislature. Her report included plans for the 25th Anniversary Celebration at the October Session. This was followed by closing comments and adjournment until the October 2-3, 2018 meeting.

The Executive Committee met after adjournment. The main items discussed at this meeting were the 25th Anniversary Celebration, the voting process for priorities and the location of future meetings.

The North Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 479 In July 1993 creating the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature structured like the North Carolina Legislature. The purpose of the NCSTHL is to provide information to senior citizens on the legislative process and matters being considered by the North Carolina General Assembly, to promote citizen involvement and advocacy concerning aging issues before the North Carolina General Assembly and to assess the legislative needs of older citizens by convening a forum modeled after the North Carolina General Assembly. Each of the 100 North Carolina counties is entitled to one delegate and one alternate, who must be age 60 or older, to the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature. The North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services provides staff support for the NCSTHL in cooperation with the 16 Area Agencies on Aging, which are responsible for conducting the selection of Delegates and Alternates.

The NCSTHL promotes citizen involvement and advocacy concerning aging issues before the NC General Assembly as well as assesses the legislative needs of older adults by convening a forum modeled after the North Carolina General Assembly. Please feel free to contact your local delegate or your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). You can also visit our website at: as well as our Facebook Page.

The next meeting of the Senior Tar Heel Legislature will be held October 2-3, 2018, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

To download the June 2018 Press Release Document - Click Here.

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